Analyzing air for a safer tomorrow

We combine cutting-edge research and deep technologies to deliver next-generation end-to-end solutions for analyzing airborne chemicals. Our mission is to empower security professionals and scientists to excel in their fields and to build a safer world.


We use cutting-edge software and hardware technologies to craft the most advanced products for airborne chemicals analysis. We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and delivering unmatched performance from the best available technologies.


At Karsa we care about the truth and place a premium on the veracity of our and our clients' data. We are committed to providing our partners and customers with accurate and reliable insights that enable them to make well-informed decisions based on trustworthy data.


We know that our diverse team is the true driving force of innovation, development and progress. Guided by our core values, we nurture an empathetic and ethical working environment to serve as a reliable partner to our customers.
We fuse environmental research, chemistry, data analysis and systems engineering to deliver user friendly end-to-end solutions in airborne chemicals analysis.


Discover how our products can improve your security procedures by swiftly detecting explosives, illicit drugs, and other harmful chemicals. Whether you are screening small objects or large cargo trucks, our vapor detection technology complements X-ray and CT equipment to enhance security and throughput.
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Witness how our airborne chemicals analysis technology detects pollutants and unravels complex atmospheric interactions. From safeguarding air quality to understanding the climatic processes, our innovative solutions provide unparalleled insights into environmental chemistry.
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We progress through veracity!

H. J. Jost
Chief Executive Officer
Aleksei Shcherbinin
Chief Product Officer
Claudia Poikela
Head of Human Resource and Administration
Joel Nykänen
Chief Commercial Officer
Oskari Kausiala
Head of Software and Data
Anna Franck
Scientific Sales and Marketing Representative
Alexei Upornikov
Full Stack Software Engineer
Verner Hemmilä
Head of Production
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