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Multi-scheme chemical ionization inlet
MION2 enables a comprehensive analysis of a broad range of chemical compounds present in the environment. This versatile inlet allows the customization of reagent ions to suit various specific applications. 

MION2 brings to the analysis:

Reagent ion and polarity switching in seconds
the injection of ions can be turned off quasi-instantaneously by controlling the electrode voltages

Possibility to use wide range of reagent ions
Br-, NO3-, NH4+, C4H12N+, I-, H3O+, C3H7O+

Ionization at ambient pressure
prevents the dilution of a sample 
Only charged reagent ions are injected
into ion-molecule mixing region, preventing neutral reagent molecules from affecting the sample

Sampling of ambient ions  

when voltages are turned off

Negligible fragmentation
owing to soft adduct-forming ionization

Examples of reagent ions and compounds to be detected

Nitrate NO3-
Highly Oxygenated Organic Molecules,
Sulfuric Acid,
Iodine containing species,
Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
Bromide Br-
Oxygenated Organic Molecules,
Sulfuric Acid,
Iodine containing species,
HO2 radicals,
Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
Aminium C4H12N+
Less Oxygenated Organic Molecules


The gas-phase formation mechanism of iodic acid as an atmospheric aerosol source

The missing mechanism from iodine sources to particle formation is discovered in the CLOUD chamber and confirmed by the field observations

Molecular composition and volatility of gaseous organic compounds in a boreal forest

An attempt to compose a full picture of gaseous organic compounds in a boreal forest with a focus on quantifying their molecular composition and volatility.

Measurements of iodine species and sulfuric acid using bromide chemical ionization

During the iodine oxidation experiments in CLOUD chamber, gas-phase iodine species and sulfuric acid were measured using Br-MION-CIMS and FIGAERO-CIMS .

Molecular mechanism for rapid autoxidation in α-pinene ozonolysis

Key route for atmospheric organic aerosol formation is experimentally confirmed by utilizing MION’s capabilities.


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