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Air cargo screening for explosives
Scenthound EVD is a cutting-edge cargo screening solution designed to address the critical challenges faced by airlines and air cargo operators to comply with mandated aviation security regulations. Explosives Vapour Detection (EVD) allows for screening of air cargo  in the truck arriving at the airport and be cleared to go on the plane.

ECAC EVD Regulation

The ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) EVD regulation pertains to the standards and guidelines related to the use of Explosive Vapour Detectors (EVD) at airports within the participating countries. This regulation aims to ensure that these detectors meet specific performance and safety criteria to effectively identify and mitigate threats from explosives. Currently there is no equipment that is certified to this standard. Karsa aims to become the first company to attain this certification!
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Scenthound features


Scenthound detects most explosives with picogram sensitivity. 1 picogram to a gram has the same relation as the size of a tip of a ballpoint pen to the size of the sun.

Speed of analysis

The analysis of 1 filters takes only 1 to 2 minutes. Sampling of the air from a truck takes 5-10 minutes. With this, our customers are able to screen the whole truck in 6-12 minutes without the need to open it.


Senthound requires less space than a typical x-ray system for screening cargo and consumes less electricity. Other than that operation requirements are similar to other explosives detection equipment.

How it works

The idea behind Scenthound is fairly simple. We collect airborne chemicals trapped in cargo from the truck onto a filter for seven minutes. The probe is inserted into the cargo area through the door seals without opening doors
Filters could be collected in parallel from multiple trucks and are then analyzed in two minutes in the Scenthound analyzer. 
Our powerful data analysis software Mascope ensures high data quality through a proper workflow and will return a simple "threat" or "no threat" message to the operator, requiring minimal training.

Comparison to other solutions

Scenthound EVD
Technology description
Explosives Vapour Detetction with filter desorption mass spectrometry
Remote Explosives Scent Tracing Explosives Detection Dogs: Filter analysis by canines
1 or 2 dimensional x-ray imaging technology
Explosives Trace Detection using swab desorption with ion mobility spectrometer
Screening time
< 10 minutes
< 10 minutes
30+ minutes depending on type of cargo
not practical as each shipment needs to be opened for screening
Number of threat chemicals detected
no direct chemical identification
Space requirement
a few m2 to operate the Scenthound
A few m2 for canine to work
100+ m2 to unload cargo from truck and break into shipments
500+ m2


A new contract with the US DHS!

Karsa and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announce a New Contract to Develop Explosives Trace Vapor Detection Technology.

Karsa at the ASMS2024!

HJ Jost, CEO, is attending ASMS and presenting Karsa's innovative solution for chemical threats detection.

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