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for environmental measurements
Our holistic measurement systems provide capabilities for laboratory work, ambient air sampling and filter collection. We offer bundles comprising a multi-scheme chemical ionization inlet, a novel thermal desorption unit and a state-of-the-art mass spectrometer.  

Online system

The online sampling solution consists of a Multi-scheme chemical ionization inlet, MION2, and a mass spectrometer (MS). MION2 employs soft ionization to generate reagent ions, which are then clustered with a sample gas. Thanks to its design features and operation at ambient pressure, MION2 contributes to achieving excellent detection limits. To facilitate the analysis of a broader range of compounds, MION2 allows for fast switching between sources with different reagent ions.

Offline system

Offline sampling includes the utilization of a Thermal Desorption Unit, chemical ionization of a sample in MION2, and subsequent detection of compounds in a mass spectrometer. Tenax-coated mesh filters are employed to enhance vapor or aerosol particle retention during the collection of air samples. The large adsorption surface area contributes to fast sampling and higher collection efficiency. Reusable cassettes allow easy filter replacement while contributing to cost-efficiency.

Mass Spectrometer

MION2 and the Thermal Desorption unit can be connected to OrbitrapTM mass analyzer. The OrbitrapTM is a high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) mass spectrometer based on an ion trap analyzer, that can also rapidly switch polarity in synchronisation with the MION2. This powerful combination enables the quasi simultaneous detection of a broad range of chemicals.

Data Analysis

The upcoming data analysis tool will provide a unique user experience. The software is an advanced solution with the possibilities to store, manage and process all your measurements with less effort. As we prepare to publicly launch the software, we invite users to become a part of our beta testing group and help us finalize the details. Contact us if you are interested.


Pesticide residue fast screening using Thermal Desorption MION MS with selective chemical ionization

A new methodology for pesticide screening bypassing sample pretreatment was proposed and tested with bromide, acetonylacetone and water as reagent ions.


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