Enhance your security screening process with our cutting-edge Vapor Detection solution

Current cargo screening solutions enable the detection of only 10-20% of illicit goods being smuggled. Conventional methods face limitations in detection capabilities and throughput, leaving a staggering 80-90% of illicit goods undetected and circulating in our society, that is hundreds of tons of drugs, thousands of guns and millions of bullets.

Vapour detection is the most promising solution to this problem and is based on detection of molecules emanating from the prohibited goods in the flow of commerce.

Workflow explained

Karsa offers a unique method for detection of illicit goods by taking air samples from empty cargo space and detecting vapours of explosives, drugs or other contraband. The solution is called 'Scenthound’, and it comprises an air sampling unit, an analysis device, and supporting analysis software. Scenthound delivers unmatched analysis speed and detection sensitivity, enabling the screening of cargo at the truck level and increase througput at least 3 times.

How it works

A truck with  cargo arrives at the checkpoint, such as a border station or air cargo terminal. An air sample is collected from the trailer by punching through the seal without opening the doors. Molecules of illicit goods such a as explosives are collected on a filter and several filters can be collected in parallel from different trucks.
The filters are subsequently assessed by the analyzer. Scenthound is equipped with state-of-the-art data management and analysis software. This software allows for the immediate processing of screening results, providing security personnel with timely information in a simple green light/red light interface.


Scenthound EVD

Scenthound EVD is a cutting-edge cargo screening solution designed to address the critical challenges faced by airlines and air cargo operators to comply with mandated aviation security regulations.
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A new contract with the US DHS!

Karsa and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announce a New Contract to Develop Explosives Trace Vapor Detection Technology.

Karsa at the ASMS2024!

HJ Jost, CEO, is attending ASMS and presenting Karsa's innovative solution for chemical threats detection.

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