About Karsa

Revolutionizing the detection of airborne chemicals for a safer tomorrow

Karsa as a company

Karsa is revolutionizing the detection of airborne chemicals by developing one of the world's most sensitive detectors. Leveraging our expertise in mass spectrometry, we aim to make chemical threat detection easier, helping security and environmental professionals in protecting our society and planet.
At Karsa, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology to increase understanding of climate change and air pollution. By analyzing harmful chemicals and deepening the comprehension of the impacts of climate change and air pollution, we are creating a safer tomorrow for everyone.

Our history

Our journey began in 2014 at the University of Helsinki when the first detection of explosives was performed as part of a Business Finland sponsored project. After successfully testing a prototype explosives detector at the Helsinki airport, Karsa was founded in 2016.
Karsa was originally supported by venture capital investor Lifeline Ventures, Funds of the University of Helsinki (HYR), and partner companies. Additional funding was raised later through crowd-funding and strategic investors.

Our values

We are guided by the values of progress and veracity: we believe that being truthful and accurate forms the base for sustainable growth. By embracing a culture of honesty and transparency, we build strong relationships inside our team and propel our company forward.
We strive to stay at the cutting edge of airborne chemicals analysis through continuous innovations and improvement of our products. The commitment to progress through veracity defines who we are and determines how we help our customers succeed.
Meet our fantastic team members
H. J. Jost
Chief Executive Officer
Aleksei Shcherbinin
Chief Product Officer
Claudia Poikela
Head of Human Resource and Administration
Joel Nykänen
Chief Commercial Officer
Oskari Kausiala
Head of Software and Data
Anna Franck
Scientific Sales and Marketing Representative
Alexei Upornikov
Full Stack Software Engineer
Verner Hemmilä
Head of Production
Jyri Mikkilä
Director of Engineering | Technical Support Specialist
Joona Mikkilä
Laboratory Manager
Paxton Juuti
Head of Support | R&D Scientist
Fariba Partovi
PhD Researcher
Jussi Kontro
Senior Scientist
Philip Chernonog
Data Engineer
Taha Khulood Ismael
Laboratory Technician
Jussi Vehviläinen
Data Scientist
Moe Lwin
Laboratory Technician
Henning Finkenzeller
Postdoctoral Researcher (UH/Finnish Research Impact Foundation)
Bahaa Eddin Kal Agha
Ambika Vaidya
Product Engineer
Sebastian Holm
PhD student
Konstantin Tumashevich
Signal Processing Engineer

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