Chief Commercial Officer - Successfully filled.

This unique opportunity calls for a visionary leader with the capability to strategically navigate both commercial and financial operations, steering Karsa towards continued growth and unparalleled success.

We are in search of a dynamic and seasoned executive to become a full member of Karsa’s management team, responding to the increasing demand for proficient commercial and financial leadership. This unique opportunity calls for a visionary leader with the capability to strategically navigate both commercial and financial operations, steering Karsa towards continued growth and unparalleled success.

About us:

At Karsa, we are dedicated to building highly sensitive instruments for detection of harmful chemicals, such as explosives and pesticides, and for atmospheric research. With our innovative technology, we have developed one of the most sensitive detectors in the world! We are now expanding our international customer base and are preparing for a successful product roll-out in the analytical chemistry market within the next few years.

About the role:

The role demands a unique blend of commercial acumen and financial expertise, requiring navigating the delicate balance between driving business growth and preserving financial stability.

Reporting directly to the CEO, and working closely with the Chief Product Officer, the candidate will be responsible for:

Strategic Leadership:

  • Develop and execute commercial strategies for promoting revenue, profitability, and growth.
  • Oversee financial operations to ensure the company’s financial health and sustainability.

Operational Oversight:

  • Implement best practices in commercial and financial operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Supervise HR and administration processes.
  • Collaborate with CPO and CEO to optimize operational processes and cost management.

Business Development:

  • Collaborating with the executive team to develop a comprehensive funding strategy aligned with the company’s growth objectives.
  • Identifying appropriate funding sources, including venture capital, private equity, loans, or grants.
  • Collaborating with executive leadership to prepare financial models, business plans, and presentations for fund-raising and valuation analysis.
  • Evaluate business opportunities with market analysis, financial modeling and identifying operational customer benefits, business model development and risk assessments.  

Sales and Marketing:

  • Marketing team senior member driving projects and processes.
  • Coordinating and driving new product introduction process in collaboration with product teams.
  • Refining sales and marketing strategies for Karsa’s products.
  • Managing and improving sales support processes for quote and contracting .
  • Manage order execution processes.
  • With Karsa’s growth, the candidate is expected to take over Sales and Marketing leadership.

Risk Management:

  • Assess and manage the financial risks facing the organization.
  • Develop and oversee risk management policies and processes.

Team Leadership and Development:

  • Lead and mentor teams within commercial and financial departments.
  • Foster a culture of high performance and continuous improvement.

To excel in this position, you must possess an advanced degree in Business, Finance or a related field. A proven track record of success in a senior commercial or financial role, including management consulting, is essential. You should have a deep understanding of business operations, market dynamics, and financial regulations, along with a proven ability to think strategically and solve problems. Additionally, you should be an exceptional leader with outstanding negotiation and communication skills. Excellent English and Finnish language skills are required.

What we are offering you:

At Karsa, we firmly believe that our success is built upon more than just the quality of our services and products. It is equally attributable to the skills and commitment of our team members. As we pursue continual growth and innovation, we recognize the importance of attracting and retaining exceptional professionals within our organization.

We believe that our employees are our greatest assets and, thus, we are dedicated to providing them with an outstanding work environment and a comprehensive range of benefits that foster personal and professional growth. We value diversity and understand the strength that comes from a team working collaboratively towards a common goal, creating a productive, supportive, and enjoyable working environment.

We also offer a benefit package that includes employee stock options, occupational health care with a focus on well-being, leisure time accident insurance and other fringe benefits.

This position in now filled!