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The gas-phase formation mechanism of iodic acid as an atmospheric aerosol source

The missing mechanism from iodine sources to particle formation is discovered in the CLOUD chamber and confirmed by the field observations

Pesticide residue fast screening using Thermal Desorption MION MS with selective chemical ionization

A new methodology for pesticide screening bypassing sample pretreatment was proposed and tested with bromide, acetonylacetone and water as reagent ions.

Molecular composition and volatility of gaseous organic compounds in a boreal forest

An attempt to compose a full picture of gaseous organic compounds in a boreal forest with a focus on quantifying their molecular composition and volatility.

Measurements of iodine species and sulfuric acid using bromide chemical ionization

During the iodine oxidation experiments in CLOUD chamber, gas-phase iodine species and sulfuric acid were measured using Br-MION-CIMS and FIGAERO-CIMS .

Molecular mechanism for rapid autoxidation in α-pinene ozonolysis

Key route for atmospheric organic aerosol formation is experimentally confirmed by utilizing MION’s capabilities.

Characterisation of the Multi-scheme chemical ionization inlet, MION2

The recent study introduces the improvements done in the upgraded version of the inlet and describes the experiments to characterize its performance and features.

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