The 3-year research project GIDPROvis has concluded

Supported by the Horizon 2020 Future Emerging Technologies grant, the project is over, and the reviewer results came in with hugely positive feedback.

The GIDPROvis project was performed by a consortium of partners who have collaboratively developed innovative technology and laid the foundation for molecular augmented reality of volatile compounds in the surrounding environment.

Our journey began with the goal of creating an affordable analyzer for molecular vapor identification and visualization. The invented technology consists of three parts: GID, PRO and vis. In the first step, Gas Ion Distillation (GID) is employed to separate ions, leveraging variations in reaction chemistry. Next, Sequential Ion Processing (PRO) identifies these gas-phase ions through their fragmentation in the presence of strong electric fields. And finally,  the unseen world of molecules around becomes visible (vis) to humans in virtual reality.  

The results of the project are quite impressive. The developed technology culminated in two patent applications and 7 peer-reviewed articles that have already been published and the other 4 are in preparation.

We would like to thank all partners of the GIDPROvis consortium:  Verifin (University of Helsinki), Leibniz Universität Hannover (Department of Sensors and Measurement Technology), AIRSENSE Analytics® GmbH, Atos, T4i engineering, National Technical University of Athens!

It was an amazing experience to work on such an exciting EU project with a great team. We are always open to new collaborations, projects, and ideas!

To learn more about the project, follow the link:

An article about the project was published in the Finnish newspaper Tekniikka&Talous (in Finnish, requires subscription)

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